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Threatening factors: case scenario

All living species are engaged in a constant fight for survival. Predators lie in wait, the search for food must be done each day and injuries can seriously reduce the chances of seeing another sunrise. And lo and behold! As if all this weren't enough, animals must now confront even more insidious and devastating threats. Besides their daily struggle in the wild, they are subject to abusive hunting, pollution, climate change and the disappearance, quite simply, of their habitat.

Predators no longer constitute the main threat. Certain species run the further risk of finding themselves caged in a private home, roasted in a pan, transformed into pills for stomach ailments or displayed before a wealthy merchant's fireplace. Animals know how to adapt to their environment to survive. But faced with these new threats as well as the global nature of these man-made scourges, wildlife species are unprotected and appear defenceless.